While many people are not aware of it, BDSM & Fetish Party is one of the most expansive categories in the adult entertainment industry. There are what seems like millions of subgenres within the category; it’s catering to a wide range of desires and fetishes. With different fetishes that have emerged, some of them are much more unique and less well-known than others. People are generally aware that handcuffs and blindfolds are part of the BDSM porn film family, and many people know that shibari, also called rope bondage exists. People are less likely to know about things like electric play, latex fetishes, balloon popping fetishes, and financial domination fetishes.

These are becoming more popular with each passing year, however. If the idea of a power exchange gets you turned on, you are in the right place. There are many taboo porn films taking positions of power and using them to create people’s ideal fantasy porn films. In addition to amazing fetish roleplay porn movies, some of the top BDSM kink movies and fetishes are featured here on this site.

Fetish Party

Did you know that foot fetish porn is one of the most popular BDSM porn categories out there? Some of what BDSM thrives on are things that are not standard and things that are not normally done. Some of these top porn actors and actresses absolutely love being called dirty sluts. Having their hair pulled as they are fucked from behind can also be a fantastic turn on, and there are some consensual rough sex porn movies out there of which the likes you have not seen yet.

Consent is a central pillar of BDSM, so you know that these chicks are really enjoying everything happening to them and around them. While the term BDSM may have originated in 1969, people have been participating in this type of sex for thousands of years. Tablets from millennia ago have shown fetish and worship in sexual manners. It is likely that BDSM has been around for much longer than that as well. With art that goes back this far in time, as well as new mainstream movies like 50 Shades of Grey and The Secretary, BDSM has inspired curiosity in large numbers of people. Exploring that curiosity starts with gaining knowledge.

For people who practice BDSM, safety is critical, as is education. Many people choose to explore the kink world through porn movies, and there are thousands of them here to enjoy. Take the time to learn about the entire spectrum of BDSM and find what tickles your fancy the most. These kinky porn stars and pervs featured on the porn movies here can’t get enough, and you won’t be able to either.