I don’t know about you but sometimes I get sick of all these artificially improved chicks having forged sex with big muscular guys with their huge hoses looking all pretty and boinking the shit out of each other groaning and shouting almost like clockwork. I mean don’t get me wrong, all of this is fine to look at but it’s all a bit fake isn’t it? They dress up in certain outfits and falsify everything they’re dong pretending to be in certain real life situations but it seems pretty obvious that’s it’s all a bit false and a major act. So, what some of us need to do from time to time is take some homemade porn.

The thing about homemade porn is that its amateurs at home doing their thing for the camera in true real life situations that we can all see ourselves being in. Or, now and then if we’re poxy enough we may actually have been in one of the situations already or fingers crossed may be involved in in the future. Homemade porn is just the most unbelievable thing you can watch because it just doesn’t get more real than this. This where true girls having real sex with their men in videos taped by true amateurs in all sense. Now, just because its homemade porn doesn’t mean there aren’t hot honeys getting their bazookas bouncing, their snatches smashed and their buttholes banged, not at all.

Homemade Porn

Whether you like them big, small, thin or large they are all here in their amateur glory doing what every normal human does, fuck like crazy. Now that may seem quite arousing, but imagine it’s your girlfriend. Or worse, your mom! But it’s worth the risk, as you can also find your crush sucking cock and getting fucked for a homemade video! So if good, proper, honest, natural and hardcore sex in real life being carried out by amateurs at home is the thing for you then you need to check out our homemade section because we really do have it all in the world of homemade sex.

There’s always this in-explainable charm that surrounds videos that were done by ordinary people. From the dim room lighting, the blurry cameras, up to the unclear audio, you’d think that homemade porn isn’t something enjoyable to watch. But the thing is, homemade porn isn’t bound by the need to make lots of money with every video, but rather to show the world just how enjoyable the sex lives of these amateurs are.

They don’t need to worry about people thinking that they’re doing weird things, as they are the ones who are in charge of expressing exactly how they feel through having sex in front of the camera. Plus, there’s always that mysterious touch as to who the performers are, especially when these videos were shot in angles that has the faces of the people in them hidden, or at least render them unrecognizable throughout the clip. Not knowing who the people are in these videos is actually half the fun of the whole experience that is watching homemade porn.

Hardcore Amateur Sex

Since amateur pornstars don’t really mind doing things that might not be popular to everyone, they’re all for exploring their sexuality, all the while taking videos throughout their whole journey. You’ll find that these people don’t only go for the usual stuff like blowjobs, handjobs, missionary position, and cum-in-whatever body part they prefer. These unknown sex addicts prefer doing more extreme things like nasty fetishes and kinky BDSM stuff. These genres are not that well-explored in mainstream pornography, the main reason being that not a lot of people like them at first.

That’s why these amateurs are more important than you think, they explore dark and weird places that not many people are willing to do. Now, once something that they did went viral online, that’s the only time that big porn studios take the risk and have their pornstars perform those weird sexual acts.

If you think porn genres like BDSM and fetishes are already popular to begin with, then you have never been more wrong in your whole life. These sex acts weren’t that popular back then, but because a lot of independent amateurs have done it, these genres have gained more and more followers until it blew up into how it is today. And we should also thank the internet for that, because that’s the main reason why these people were able to distribute their content to a big audience in the first place.

Amateur Free Sex

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