If you are looking into this genre, you are either of these two things: you like wearing adult diapers or like watching the other person be in an adult diaper. This is not an unusual or new fetish in porn, really, a significant number of porn fetishes include adult diaper porn. Diaper porn is not what you initially think it is—this is not the diaper of the baby where they release nasty shit, adult diapers is more of a visual element in sex. If you are into people who wear adult diapers then you are probably engaging into what is called autonepiophilia or adult babies. A lot of people like their partners, either in bed or not, acting like babies.

This includes talking in a childlike manner or acting cute, of course it is just morally wrong to sexualize children hence the growth of adult babies community. A lot of men like women who act innocent and naively, and for additional pleasure they make them wear diapers to complete the adult babies package.

Diaper Play

If you are one of those who like wearing diapers instead, then you probably enjoy the humiliation involved in wearing it. Wearing diapers as an adult is considered embarrassing and a lot of people take pleasure in the embarrassment aspect of it. Diaper fetishists love the inappropriateness of it all, a diaper is not exactly the most hygienic fetish of all—believe it or not, you may also be into wetting or releasing into the diaper. It is a real fetish that people secretly like, the whole disgust and humiliation is what turns people on.

If you like you are either one of these fetishists, then do not worry! You are the same with a lot of other people. Diaper porn is a vastly consumed genre and there is a growing community of diaper fetishists. In fact, if you visit Fetish Community, you will be able to see how many porn clips of diaper porn are uploaded constantly.

These videos are of high definition and premium quality which range from a convenient 5 minutes to a whole hour only for your optimal viewing of this kinky fetish. These videos get hundreds to thousand of views and despite having the stigma and being deemed as disgusting, diaper porn is actually legal and very much accessible.

Fetish Roles

There is nothing wrong with having this fetish and in fact it is extremely erotic for a number of reasons. As mentioned above, it involves a lot of arousing elements such as humiliation on the part of the person wearing it, the dominance felt by the other person for fucking an adult baby, the whole disgust surrounding wearing an adult diaper, the inappropriateness of wearing a diaper as an adult, and so on. It is also comfortable to wear for a lot of people, in real life there are a lot of people who actually wear adult diapers, it is a real thing and that is what makes it more sexy.

If you feel like jerking yourself off to girls wearing or being fucked in adult diapers then do not worry there is an endless content for you! This fetish has been around for as long as diaper for adults was invented, it has a decent amount of fetishists too so they never run out of new content!