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Are you familiar with the term “cum swapping”? For sure, all porn fans have witnessed this amazing act, though it remains to be seen if they do know that it is called cum swapping. For the newbies out there, cum swapping is the sexual act – usually towards the end of a porn film if you watch porn – that shows a man cumming into his sex partner’s mouth, kisses that sex partner, transfers the cum into a third person, until all sex partners in the orgy get their taste of the man juice.

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Each pass of the cum increases in size, what with the man juice plus the saliva getting passed around. The scene finally ends with the ejaculator getting back his cum. It may sound gross, but it is not as gross as it seems reading about it than when you watch it. Indeed, there are even sex advisers who abhor cum swapping. Dan Savage, who is a sex columnist in Savage Love, is one of those people who do not want to have anything to do with cum swapping. He mentions in one article that more people are more into women who drink their own feminine cum, but porn fans, mostly male, are not as accepting of cum swapping.

It actually appears like there are more women who like cum swapping than men do, which is of course natural. After sex, it is the women who beg for the man juice to drip into their mouths, with the intention of either swallowing it, or spitting it out. Perhaps thinking it would be such a waste of good juice to spit it out, they usually come up with this great idea of turning it over back to where it came from her man. Of course, many men are grossed out about this, but some men do find it arousing. To each his own maybe.

It is believed that man juice symbolizes male dominance. It represents masculinity, strength, and sexual prowess. More than the penis, semen is the ultimate depiction of a man. This is why cum swapping was said to be first practiced by gay men in the 70’s. To them, it is very important to show these qualities to their partners. It has then evolved over the years to become part of heterosexual sex acts.

Cum Swap

Doing cum swapping in real life needs the consent of both men and women. Men, the hornier of the two species, would normally resist, but surely after much prodding and some sweet talk from their partners they may just accept the invitation. If you want to try it for the first time, do a warm up by using your saliva first, since most of what would be swapped in cum swapping is actually saliva. Then you can take it from there after that. You may also consider watching cum swapping videos at Fetish Community. You see, at Fetish Community, you do not watch just to be aroused, or because you want to jerk off. Here, you can be educated about how you can make your relationship less boring. Satisfaction guaranteed!”